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Haines, R.: A method of government for such publick working alms-houses as may be erected in every county for bringing all idle hands to industry. As the best known expedient for restoring and advancing the woollen manufacture. Humbly offered to the Kings most excellent Majesty and both Houses of Parliament. London, L. Curtis, 1670. 8 p. (In; England’s weal & prosperity proposed.)

_______ : England’s weal & prosperity proposed: or, reasons for erecting public UUork-Houses in every county, for the speedy promoting of industry and the woollen manufactory, shewing how the wealth of the nation may be encreased many hundred thousand pounds per annum. And also that many thousand persons may be so reformed, to their own and the whole kingdoms present and future wealth and glory, that there may no more be a begger bred up in the nation. Humbly offered to the consideration of the great wisdom of the nation, and presented to the honourable House of Commons. To which is added a model of Government for such works hauses prepared by the same author, and printed in the year (79) intended to have been presented to the last Parliament. Pursuant to a breviate of proposals for the promoting of industry, and speedy restoring the woollen manufactory, by him formerly published. London, L. Curtis, 1681. 16 p.

Hall, Charles: An enquiry into the cause of the present distress of the people. By Charles Hall, M. D. 2. ed. London, Printed for the author, 1820. vii, 324 p.

Haller, Carl Ludwig von: Restauration der Staats-Wissensehaft oder Theorie des natürlich-geselligen Zustands der Chimäre des künstlich-bürgerlichen entgegengesetzt von Carl Ludwig von Haller, des souverainen wie auch des geheimen Raths der Republik Bern, der Königl. Gesellschaft der Wissenechaften zu Göttingen correspondierendem Mitglied etc. Winterthur, Steinerische Buchhandlung. 1. Bd.: 1816. lxxxii, 504 S. 2. Bd. 1. Tl. 1. Hauptstück: 1817. xxxvi, 574 S. 3. Bd.: 2. verm. u. verb. Aufl. 1821. xxx, 594 S. 4. Bd. 3. Hauptstück: 2. verm. u. verb. Aufl. 1822. 1, 477 S.

Hamilton, Robert: An inquiry concerning the rise and progress, the redemption and present state, and the management of the national debt of Great Britain. By Robert Hamilton, LL. D. F.R.S.E. Professor of natural philosophy in the Marisehal College and University of Aberdeen. Edinburgh, Oliphant, Waugh, and lnnes, 1813. v, 212 p.

Harney, G. Julian: see, The Red Republican.

Harrington, James: The common-wealth of Oceana. London, L. Chapman, 1656. 285, 186-210 p.

Harris: see, A select collection.

Hartmann, Moritz: see, Demokratische Studien.

Hasbach, Wilhelm: Die allgemeinen philosophischen Grundlagen der von François Quesnay und Adam Smith begründeten politisehen Ökonomie. Von Dr. Wilhelm Hasbach, ao. Professor an der Universität Königsberg. Leipzig, Duncker & Humblot, 1890. x, 177 S. (Staats- und sozialwissenschaftliche Forschungen hrsg. v. Gustav Schmoller.) (Hausbachs Bibliothek-With the marginal notes of the author in his own handwriting.)

_______ : Untersuchungen über Adam Smith und die Entwicklung der politischen Ökonomie. Von Dr. Wilhelm Hasbach, ausserordentlichem Professor an der Universität Königsberg. Leipzig, Duncker & Humblot, 1891. ix, 440 S. (Hasbachs Bibilothek-With the marginal notes of the author in his own handwriting.)

Hassel, Georg: Statistischer Umriss der sämtlichen europäischen Staaten in Hinsicht ihrer Grösse, Bevölkerung, Kulturverhältnisse, Handlung, Finanz und Militärverfassung und ihrer aussereuropäischen Besitzungen. 1 Thl. Die statistische Ansicht und Specialstatistik von Mitteleuropa. Braunschweig, F. Vieweg, 1805. vi, 26, 52, 52, 169 S.

Hawkesbury, Charles Lord: A discourse on the conduct of the Government of Great Britain in respect to neutral nations. A new ed. London, J. Debrett, 1794. iv, 96 p. (In; Peace and reform.)

[Hazlitt, William] : A reply to The essay on population, by the Rev. T. R. Malthus. In a series of letters. To which are added, extracts from the essay; with notes. London, Longman. Hurst, Rees and Orme, 1807. iv, 378 p.

_______ : do.

Heinzen, Karl: Preußisches und Teutsches. Den preußischen und teutschen Landtagsdeputirten gewidmet. Belle-Vue, Ver-lags- und Sortiments-Buchhandlung, 1845. 104 S.

_______ : Die preußische Büreaukratie. Darmstadt, C. W. Leske, 1845. viii, 324 S.

_______ : Mehr als zwanzig Bogen. Darmstadt, C. W. Leske, 1845. vi, 360 S.

_______ : Politische und unpolitische Jahrten und Abenteuer. 2 Bde. in 1 Bd. Mannheim, H. Hoff, 1846. Bd. I: 292 S. Bd. II: 297-548 S.

_______ : do.

_______ : see, Die Opposition.

Helvétius, Claude Adrien: De l’homme, de ses facultés intellectuelles, et de son éducation. Ouvrage posthume de M. Helvétius. Londres, la Société typographique. 1773. Tom. I: xliii, 399 p. Tom. II: 495 p.

_______ : Oeuvres d’Helvétius. Tom. I, III & V. Paris, Briand, 1794. Tom. I: viii, 405 p. Tom. III: 349 p. Tom. V: 352 p.

Hennell, Mary: An outline of the various social systems & communities which have been founded on the principle of co-operation. With an introductory essay, by the author of “The philosophy of necessity.” London, Longman, Brown, Green, and Longnmans, 1844. cxiv, 252 p.

Herwegh, Georg: Neue Gedichte. Hrsg. nach seinem Tode. Zürich, Verlags-Magazin, 1877. viii, 287 S.

_______ : see, Einundzwanzig Bogen aus der Schweiz.

Herzen, Alexander: Die russische Verschwörung und der Aufstand vom 14. December 1825. Eine Entgegnung auf die Schrift des Baron Modeste Korff: „Die Thronbesteigung Kaiser Nicolaus I. von Rußland im jahre 1825.” Hamburg, Hoffmann und Campe, 1858. 327 S.

Heß, Moses: see, Gesellschaftsspiegel.

Hey, Richard: Happiness and rights. A dissertation upon several subjects relative to the rights of man and his happiness. Rights are means: happiness the end. By Richard Hey of the Middle Temple, Esq. September, 1792. York, R. Baldwin, J. Stockdale & J. Todd, 1792. 204, [iii] p.

Higginson, T. W.: Ought women to learn the alphabet? Reprinted (by permission) from “Atlantic essays.” Manchester, A. Ireland & Co., 1873. 23 p. (In; Hoskins, J. T.: A few words.)

Hildebrand, Bruno: Die Nationalökonomie der Gegenwart und Zukunft. Von Dr. Bruno Hildebrand, Professor der Staatswissenschaften an der Universität zu Marburg. Bd. I. Frankfurt am Main, J. Rütten, 1848. xii, 329 p.

Hirsch, Karl: Der Staat und das Genossenschaftswesen. Zu Punkt X des Eisenacher Programms. Leipzig, F. Thiele, 1870. 16 S. (Sonderabdruck aus dem „Volksstaat”. Jahrg. I.)

Hirth, Georg [hrsg. von]: Gewerbe-Ordnung für den norddeutschen Bund. Mit einem alphabetischen Sachregister. Besonderer Abdruck aus den Annalen des norddeutschen Bundes und des deutschen Zollvereins, unter Benutzung amtlicher Materialien. Berlin, Stilke & van Muyden, 1869. 58 S.

Hodge, Ralph: A letter from Ralph Hodge to his cousin Thomas Bull. n.d. 12p.

Hodgskin, Thomas: Travels in the north of Germany, describing the present state of the social and political institutions, the agriculture, manufactures, commerce, education, arts and manners in that country,particularly in the kingdom of Hannover. 2 vols. Edinburgh, A. Constable, 1820. Vol.I: xxvi, 496 p. Vol.II: x, 518 p.

Hodgson, William: The commonwealth of reason. By William Hodgson, now confined in the prison of Newgate, London, for sedition. London, printed for and sold by the author, 1795. xvi, 104 p.

Hole, James: Lectures on social science aud the organization of labor. London,J. Chapman, 1851. xi, 182 p.

Holyoake, George Jacob: Organisation: not of arms—but ideas. London, J. Watson, 1853. viii, 26 p. (The cabinet of reason a library of freethought, politics, and culture. Vol. III.)

_______ : Life and last days of Robert Owen, of New Lanark. Centenary ed. London, Trübner & Co., 1871. 28 p.

_______ : The last trial for atheism in England. A fragment of autobiography. 5. ed. rev. London, N. Trübner, 1878. x 124 p.

_______ : see, The reasoner.

Holzschuher, August Freiherr von: Die materielle Noth der untern Volksklassen und ihre Ursachen. Gekrönte Preisschrift von August Freiherrn von Holzschuher, königl. bayer. Regierungsassessor und Fiskal. 2. Aufl. Augsburg, M. Rieger, 1850. x. 148 S.

Hoskins, James Thornton: A few words on the woman’s franchise question. London, E. Faithfull, n.d. 40 p.

Hudson, T. H.: Christian socialism, explained and enforced, and compared with infidel fellowship, especially, as propounded by Robert Owen, Esq., and his disciples. By T. H. Hudson, late missionary in the West Indies. London, Hamilton, Adams and Co., 1839. 319 p.

Hume, David: Essays and treatises on several subjects. Vol. I., containing essays, moral, political, and literary; (Vol. II., containing an enquiry concerning human understanding. An enquiry concerning the principles of morals, and the natural history of religion.) A new ed. London, A. Millar, A. Kincaid, J. Bell, and A. Donaldson, 1768. Vol. I: 582 p. 1 portrait. Vol. II: 508 p.

_______ : see, A select collection.

Hunt, Henry: see, To the radical reformers.

Huskisson, William: Free trade. Speech of the Right Hon. W. Huskisson in the House of Commons, Thursday, the 23d of February, 1826, on Mr. Ellice’s motion for a select committee, to inquire into and examine the statements contained in the various petitions from persons engaged in the silk manufacture. London, J. Hatchard, 1826. 59 p.

_______ : Navigation laws. Speech of the Right Hon. W. Huskisson in the House of Commons, Friday, the 12th of May, 1826, on the present state of the shipping interest. With an appendix, containing the several accounts referred to. London, J. Hatchard, 1826. 70 p. (With signature: Geo. Wethers.)

_______ : The speeches of the Right Honourable William Huskisson, with a biographical memoir, supplied to the editor from authentic sources. In three volumes. Vol. II. London, J. Murray, 1831. viii, 574 p.

_______ : see, A select collection.