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[The] factory lad: or, the life of Simon Smike; exemplifying the horrors of white slavery. London, T. White, n.d. [1839] 188 p. (With signature: Mast R. Laurence/July 1843/Henry Smith/Sept. 29 1843.)

Fairburn’s edition of Magna Charta, or the great charter of liberties, publicly signed by King John, and ratified and confirmed by several succeeding Kings of England; with the petition of right, presented to Charles I. by the Lords and Commons, concerning divers rights and liberties of the subject. And His Majesty’s answer thereto: also the bill of rights, of the people of England, declared by the Lords and Commons, at Westminster; assented to, and confirmed by William and Mary: together with the coronation oath. London, J. Fairburn, n.d. 40 p.

Fairburn’s edition of the whole proceedings on the trial of James Watson, senior, for high treason: including the evidence of all the witnesses: speeches of the Attorney-General, the Solicitor-General, Mr. Wetherell, and Mr. Serjeant Copley: with the charge to the jury at full length. To which is added, the arraignment and discharge of Arthur Thistelwood, Thomas Preston, and John Hooper. No. 1-24. London, J. Fairburn, 1817. iv, 360, xii p. (Column)

Fawcett, Millicent Garrett: Factory Acts Amendment Bill. Speeches of professor Fawcett, M. P., and Sir Thomas Bazley, M. P., on the adjourned debate, on Wednesday, July 30, 1873. London, Macmillan, 1873. 40 p.

Ferguson, Adam: An essay on the history of civil society. By Adam Ferguson, LL.D. Professor of moral philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh, A. Miller & T. Cadell, 1767. vii, 430 p.

[Ferrand, M.]: Considérations sur la révolution sociale. Londres, 1794. iv, 262 p.

Feuerbach, Ludwig: Das Wesen des Christenthums. Leipzig, 0. Wigand, 1841. x, 450 S.

_______ : see, Anekdota.

Fichte, Johann Gottlieb: Einige Vorlesungen über die Bestimmung des Gelehrten. Jena u. Leipzig, C. E. Gabler, 1794. [vi,] 124 S.

_______ : Grundlage des Naturrechts nach Principien der Wissenschaftslehre. 2. Teil oder angewandtes Naturrecht. Jena u. Leipzig, L. E. Gabler, 1797. 269 S.

_______ : Das System der Sittenlehre nach den Principien der Wissenschaftslehre. Jena u. Leipzig, C. E. Gabler, 1798. xviii, 494 S.

_______ : Die Bestimmung des Menschen. Berlin, Vossische Buchhandlung, 1800. vi, 338 S.

_______ : Die Grundzüge des gegenwärtigen Zeitalters. Dargestellt von Johann Gottlieb Fichte, in Vorlesungen, gehalten zu Berlin, im Jahre 1804-5. Berlin, Realschulbuchhandlung, 1806. viii, 563 S.

_______ : Ueber das Wesen des Gelehrtcn, und seine Erscheinungen im Gebiete der Freiheit. In öffentlichen Vorlesungen, gehalten zu Erlangen, im Sommer-Halbjahre 1805. Berlin, Himburgische Buchhandlung. 1806. vi, 215 S.

_______ : Reden an die deutsche Nation. Berlin, Realschulbuchhandlung, 1808. 490 S.

_______ : Uber den Begriff des wahrhaften Krieges in Bezug auf den Krieg im Jahre 1813. Ein Entwurf für den Vortrag, mit einer Rede verwandten Inhalts herausgegeben. Tübingen, Gottaische Buchhandlung, 1815. vi, 87 S.

________ : Die Staatslehre, oder über das Verhältniß des Urstaates zum Vernunftreiche in Vorträgen, gehalten im Sommer 1813 auf der Universität zu Berlin. Berlin, G. Reimer, 1820. xvi, 336 S.

_______ : Beitrag zur Berichtigung der Urtheile des Publikums über die französische Revolution. Zur Beurtheilung ihrer Rechtmäßigkeit. Neuer Abdruck der 1793 ohne Namen und Druckort erschienenen Ausgabe. Zürich, J. F. Heß, 1848. xx, 307 S.

Fielding, Henry: A proposal for making an effectual provision for the poor, for amending their morals, and for rendering them useful members of the society. To which is added, a plan of the buildings proposed, with proper elevations. Drawn by an eminent hand. By Henry Fielding, Esq.; barrister at law, and one of His Majesty’s justices of the peace for the county of Middlesex. London, A. Millar, 1753. 91 p.

Finch, John: Moral code of the new moral world, or rational state of society; containing the laws of human nature, upon which are based man’s duty to himself, to society, and to God. Drawn up by John Finch; corrected, revised, and approved by Robt. Owen. Liverpool, J. Stewart, 1840. 8 p.

Fleming, G. A.: A vindication of the principles of the rational system of society, as proposed by Robert Owen. A lecture delivered in Bywater’s large room, Peterstreet, Manchester. Manchester, A. Heywood, n.d. 20 p.

Fourier, François-Marie-Charles: Théorie des quatre mouvemens et des destinées générales. Prospectus et annonce de la découverte. Leipzig, 1808. [iii,] 425 p.

_______ : do.

_______ : Traité de l’association domestique-agricole. Paris et Londres, Bossange et Co., 1822. 2. vol. Tom. I: lxxx, 592 p. Tom. II: viii, 648 p.

_______ : Sommaire du traité de l’association domestique-agricole, ou attraction industrielle. Paris et Londres, Bossange et Co., 1825. 16, 1330-1448 p. ( In; Traité de l’association domestique-agricole. Tom. II.)

_______ : Le nouveau monde industriel et sociétaire, ou invention du procédé d’industrie attrayante et naturelle distribuée en séries passionnées. Paris, Bossange Père et P. M. Ainé, 1829. xvi, 576 p.

_______ : Le nouveau monde industriel. 2 vol. Bruxelles, Librairie Belge-française, 1840. Tom. I: xxxiv, 408, [ii] p. Tom. II: 409, [iii] p.

_______ : Publication des manuscrits de Charles Fourier. Année 1852. Paris, Librairie phalanstérienne, 1851. 356 p.

_______ : do.

_______ : Publication des manuscrits de Charles Fourier. Année 1852. Paris, Librairie phalanstérienne, 1852. 356 p.

_______ : do.

_______ : Lettre de Fourier au Grand Juge. (4 nivôse an XII.) Fourier et ses contemporains, l’utopie et la routine, l’expérimentation et l’empirisme en matière sociale. Par Charles Pellarin. Paris, Dentu, 1874. 105 p. (In; Brochures socialistes.)

_______ : Bases de la politique positive; manifeste de l’École Sociétaire, fondée par Fourier. 2. éd. Paris, Bureaux de la Phalange, 1842. 218, 47 p.

_______ : Oeuvres complètes de Ch. Fourier. Tom. I: Théorie des quatre mouvements et des destinées générales. Prospectus et annonce de la découverte. 2.éd. Paris, Bureaux de la Phalange, 1841. xxxvi, 484 p. Tom. II-V: Théorie de l’unité universelle. 4 vol. 2. éd. Paris, La société pour la propagation et la réalisation de la théorie de Fourier, Vol. I: 1843, lxviii, xlii, 245, 107 p. Vol. II: 1841, xv, 451 p. Vol. III: 1841, viii, 595 p. Vol. IV: 1841, xii, 603 p.

_______ : see, La Phalange.

Fox, Charles James: A letter from the Right Honourable Charles James Fox, to the worthy and independent electors of the city and liberty of Westminster. 6. ed. London, J. Debrett, 1793. 43 p. (In; Peace and reform.)

Franklin, Temple William: see, Franklin, B.: Memoires.

Franklin, Benjamin: Memoirs of the life and writings of Benjamin Franklin, LL. D. F. R. S. &c. Minister plenipotentiary from the United States of America at the court of France, and for the treaty of peace and independence with Great Britain, &c. &c. Written by himself to a late period, and continued to the time of his death by his grandson, William Temple Franklin. Comprising the private correspondence and public negotiations of Dr. Franklin and his select political, philosophical, and miscellaneous works, published from the original Mss. 3. ed. 4 vols. London, H. Colburn, 1818. Vol. I: xii, 541 p. 1 portrait. Vol. II: 450 p. Vol. III: xxiv, 468 p. Vol. IV: xii, 441 p.

[A] free comment on the late Mr. W-g-n’s apology for his conduct; which clears up the obscurities of that celebrated posthumous work, and dissipates the clouds in which the author has thought proper to envelope his meaning. By a lady, in a letter to her friend in the country. London, W. Webb, 1748. 54 p. (In; The state of the nation.)

Freiligrath, Ferdinand: Neuere politische und sociale Gedichte. 2. Abdruck. 2 Hefte in 1 Bd. 1. Heft: Köln, Selbstverlag des Verfassers, 1849, 81 S. 2. Heft: Düsseldorf, 1851. 84 S.

[A] full confutation of the gross misrepresentations and falsities contain’d in a scandalous pamphlet, entitled, the courtbroker: a description of an anti-partriot, &c. In a letter to Mr. Gideon. London, printed for the author, 1714. 21 p. ( In; The state of the nation.)