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Images of Japanese Labor and Social Movement in Post-1945 Japan

    Ohara Institute for Social Research owns about 1400 posters of labor and social movements in the post-1945 period. Many of the posters are those in the second half of the 1940s and the 1950s when labor unions, legalized for the first time in 1945, engaged in intense struggles with employers and the government in order to win better wages and working conditions. We present a part of our 1400 collection in the “slide show format” (each poster is shown for 12 seconds). Posters are classified by the names of confederations and by industries. Titles and organizations of the presented posters are translated into English. Please note that they are rough translations and, in some cases, may not be 100 percent accurate. Please do not cite or quote these translations without our permission.



Posters of Labor Unions






Industry Federations and Enterprise Unions



Shunto (Spring Offensive)






Kakuo Shinkai Exhibition






Posters of Social Movements



Youth’s Women’s Movements


Updated date:2021.10.07