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  In February 1919, right after the First World War, the Ohara Institute of Social Research was established. Then, after the end of the Second World War, following a merger in July 1949, the Institute became part of Hosei University. The Institute moved to Tama Campus in 1986 and is currently celebrating the 94th anniversary of its founding.


  The defining characteristic of the Ohara Institute of Social Research is its focus on studying social and labour issues. For this, it has a specialized library and resource center that allows access to users regardless of academic qualifications. It also func- tions as a bibliographic information center for labour issues.


  Honoring this illustrious more than 90-year history as a center of social and labour issues research in Japan, the Ohara Institute of Social Research is determined to extend its activities in the 21st century. We are grateful for your suggestions and continued support.


1 April, 2014
Ohara Institute of Social Research, Hosei University







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