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Links to Labor-Related Websites in Japan: Unions, other labor-related organizations and research institute


Union Confederation


Japanese Trade Union Confederation (RENGO)

The largest confederation, Membership is about 6.6 million in 2006.


National Confederation of Trade Unions (ZENROREN)

The second largest confederation, more militant than Rengo. Membership is about 1.3 Million in 2006.


National Trade Union Council (ZENROKYO) Japanese Only

The smallest confederation, membership is about 160,000 million in 2000.



IMF-JC (an affiliate of the International Metalworkers’ Federation) is a coordinating body among of union federations of metal-working industries, such as auto, steel, electronics, and ship-building.


Regional Organization of Union Confederations 


Rengo Tokyo


Industry-Level Union Federations 


Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers’ Union (The JAW)

The JAW was formed in 1972 and is the second largest industry federation in the private sector. Its membership is about 700,000. (as of 2006)


All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers’ Union (JICHIRO)


Japan Federation of Service and Distributive Workers Unions (JSD)


The Federation of Electric Power Related Industry Worker’s Unions of Japan (DENRYOKU SOREN)


Food Rengo




All Japan Federation of Transport Workers’ Unions (Unyu Roren)


JAPAN Confederation of Railway Workers’ Union (JRU)


Doro Chiba


All Japan Seamen’s Union (What is JSU?)

The JSU is one of few industrial unions in Japan. The website consists of “Profile”, “JSU/ISS News,””Organizational Structure,” “Introduction of Inspectors” and “The JSU Welfare Services to all its non-domiciled Special Members.”


Japan Teachers’ Union (JTU)

Introduction to the union, reports of international meetings.


All Japan Pensioners’ Union


Professional, Enterprise and General Unions


General Union


GU Nova G-ed Branch


Japan Airlines Cabin Attendants Union (JCAU)


Japan Airlines Flight Crew Union




Nomura Security Labor Union Homepage


Berlitz Union


Language Teachers’ Union of Sendai


Education Workers and Amalgamated Union Osaka


The Genaral Union(Kansai)



Labor Related Groups and Organizations


Labor Net Nippon


APWSL Japan Committee


Labour Lawyers Association of Japan(LLAJ)


Dismissal Case of Oki Electric Co.


Concerning the grievances of foreign teachers against Kumamoto Prefectural University


National Defense Counsel for Victims of KAROSHI


Tokyo Occupational Safety and Health Center


Japan Occupational Safety and Health Resource Center (JOSHRC)  




Working Women’s Network


The Association in Kotobuki for Solidarity with Foreign Migrant Workers


Japan International Labour Foundation(JILAF)


Research Institutes and Related Sites


The Japan Institute For Labour Policy and Training (JIL-PT)


JTUC-RIALS, Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards

The WEBSITE of the research institute affiliated with Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation). Visitors can read recent issues of Rengo Research Institute Report and other reports published by the institute.


Japan Research Institute of Labour Movement (Rodo Soken)

The WEBSITE of the research institute affiliated with Zenroren(the National Confederation of Trade Unions). Visitors can read some of back issues of Rodo Soken Journal (written in English).


Institute for Science of Labour


Economic Policy Institute for Quality Life (Seikatsu Ken)

The website introduces research and activities of Economic Policy Institute for Quality Life.


The Institute of Social Science (Shakai Kagaku Kenkyusho), The University of Tokyo

This website contains various sources of information concerning Japanese social science, such as contents of journals and working papers published by the institute and Social Science Japan Data Archive.


The Research and Education Center for Fair Labor, Hitotsubashi University 


Institute of Social Movements, Osaka


Kiso Keizai Kagaku Kenkyusyo


Institute for Economic and Industry Studies


National Institute of Industrial Health


National Institute of Industrial Safety


National Institute of Population and Social Security Research


National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA)


National Institute for Enviornmental Studies


National Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled


Institute of Developing Economics


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