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Monthly Seminar Series



Title Lecturer Poster

13 January 1931

Monthly Seminar 1st Meeting:

‘Women’s occupational field and trend in our country’

Morito Tatsuo


10 February 1931

Monthly Seminar 2nd Meeting:

‘The characteristic of rent in our country’

Kushida Tamizō


10 March 1931

Monthly Seminar 3rd Meeting:

‘The reality of the livelihood of female waitress in Osaka City’

Ōbayashi Munetsugu


6 April 1931

Monthly Seminar 4th Meeting:

‘The economic situation of Europe’

Ōuchi Hyōe

12 May 1931

Monthly Seminar 5th Meeting:

‘The literature of early socialism in our country’

Naitō Takeo


9 June 1931

Monthly Seminar 6th Meeting:

‘The significance of antagonism between France and Germany-Italy in global politics’

Hosokawa Karoku

14 July 1931

Monthly Seminar 7th Meeting:

‘The historical development of financial crisis’

Kuruma Samezō


13 October 1931

Monthly Seminar 8th Meeting:

‘The current trend of and response to mass entertainment’

Gonda Yasunosuke

8 December 1931

Monthly Seminar 9th Meeting:

‘Disturbance in the gold standard and the problem of the return to banning of gold export’

Ryū Shintarō


19 January 1932

Monthly Seminar 10th Meeting:

‘The current situation of labour-related legislation from the perspective of labour science’

Teruoka Gitō

8 March 1932

Monthly Seminar 11th Meeting:

‘The issue of proletarian medical care’

Ōbayashi Munetsugu

10 May 1932

Monthly Seminar 12th Meeting:

‘The debate on land rent’

Kushida Tamizō


14 June 1932

Monthly Seminar 13th Meeting:

‘The formation of socialist movement and the negotiation with Christianity’

Morito Tatsuo


12 July 1932

Monthly Seminar 14th Meeting:

‘The issue of entertainment in farming village’

Gonda Yasunosuke


13 September 1932

Monthly Seminar 15th Meeting:

‘The development of socialist thought in Japan’

Hosokawa Karoku


11 October 1932

Monthly Seminar 16th Meeting:

‘The burden of consumption tax seen through household survey’

Ōuchi Hyōe


8 November 1932

Monthly Seminar 17th Meeting:

‘On the labour statistics data’

Gotō Teiji


13 December 1932

Monthly Seminar 18th Meeting:

‘The history of debate around Marx’s theory of crisis’

Kuruma Samezō


24 January 1933

Monthly Seminar 19th Meeting:

‘The problem of U.S. gold standard’

Shimoda Masami

21 February 1933

Monthly Seminar 20th Meeting:

‘The recent social situation in Germany’

Okanoe Morimichi


14 March 1933

Monthly Seminar 21st Meeting:

‘The changeover of property ownership’

Kushida Tamizō


9 May 1933

Monthly Seminar 22nd Meeting:

‘On the May Report’

Ōuchi Hyōe


13 June 1933

Monthly Seminar 23rd Meeting:

‘The transition of nationalist socialism thought in our country’

Morito Tatsuo


18 July 1933

Monthly Seminar 24th Meeting:

‘Regarding the debate on inflation’

Ryū Shintarō


16 September 1933

Monthly Seminar 25th Meeting:

‘Various issues in Russia in Chekhov’

Hasegawa Manjirō


10 October 1933

Monthly Seminar 26th Meeting:

‘The entertainment seen through household survey of workers’

Gonda Yasunosuke


14 November 1933

Monthly Seminar 27th Meeting:

‘On abortion and its regulatory policy’

Ōbayashi Munetsugu


12 December 1933

Monthly Seminar 28th Meeting:

‘A review of the literature on social thought in our country for the past twenty years’

Naitō Takeo


23 January 1934

Monthly Seminar 29th Meeting:

‘An outlook of political situation in Germany’

Shinomiya Kyōji


13 February 1934

Monthly Seminar 30th Meeting:

‘Roosevelt’s economic policy’

Iijima Manji


20 March 1934

Monthly Seminar 31st Meeting:

‘The uniqueness of Japanese inflation’

Ryū Shintarō


15 May 1934

Monthly Seminar 32nd Meeting:

‘The lesson from French inflation’

Ōuchi Hyōe


12 June 1934

Monthly Seminar 33rd Meeting:

‘Workers’ education in our country’

Morito Tatsuo


10 July 1934

Monthly Seminar 34th Meeting:

the economic condition of near future

Tsumura Hidematsu


18 September 1934

Monthly Seminar 35th Meeting:

‘On rice production cost’

Kushida Tamizō


19 October 1934

Monthly Seminar 36th Meeting:

‘The issue of national policy on the moving screen’

Gonda Yasunosuke


21 November 1934

Monthly Seminar 37th Meeting:

‘The truth of population issue in our country’

Takano Iwasaburō


11 December 1934

Monthly Seminar 38th Meeting:

‘Global economy as appeared in the most recent statistics’

Kuruma Samezō


15 January 1935

Monthly Seminar 39th Meeting:

‘The advance of Japanese products seen from overseas’

Shimoda Masami


27 February 1935

Monthly Seminar 40th Meeting:

‘A talk about MLT (Lepra Mission)’

Shimomura Hiroshi


19 March 1935

Monthly Seminar 41st Meeting:

‘Military equipment production and the process of reproduction’

Ryū Shintarō


16 April 1935

Monthly Seminar 42nd Meeting:

‘The problem of the National Health Insurance Act’

Ōbayashi Munetsugu


25 May 1935

Monthly Seminar 43rd Meeting:

‘On Kushida’s theory of agriculture’

Ōuchi Hyōe


18 June 1935

Monthly Seminar 44th Meeting:

‘On the Rochdale Principle in cooperative movement’

Morito Tatsuo


9 July 1935

Monthly Seminar 45th Meeting:

‘The fifteen years of stationing’

Shiga Shinahito


10 September 1935

Monthly Seminar 46th Meeting:

‘China Problem from the perspective of Chinese people’

Hosokawa Karoku


8 October 1935

Monthly Seminar 47th Meeting:

‘The problem of cinema viewing by youth’

Gonda Yasunosuke


26 November 1935

Monthly Seminar 48th Meeting:

‘Study of national health insurance’

Kagawa Toyohiko


14 December 1935

Monthly Seminar 49th Meeting:

‘The current situations of international relations and labour issue’

Ayusawa Iwao


17 March 1935

Monthly Seminar 50th Meeting:

‘Advancement of proletarian parties at the general election’

Morito Tatsuo


21 April 1935

Monthly Seminar 51st Meeting:

‘A theoretical study of the territorial resource re-adjustment’

Hosokawa Karoku


2 June 1935

Monthly Seminar 52nd Meeting:

‘The early labour movement seen through Takano Fusatarō’

Takano Iwasaburō


30 June 1935

Monthly Seminar 53rd Meeting:

‘A study of the structure of working population’

Ōbayashi Munetsugu




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