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Cinema Forum



Date Film title Comment & Talk/Discussion Pamphlet

7 December 2011

The 1st Forum

“Futsu no shigoto ga shitai (I just want to have a normal work”


Jin Igarashi (Director of Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University)


27 June 2012

The 2nd Forum

“Occupy Wall Street 2011”

“Consensus: Direct Democracy @ Occupy Wall Street”


Nobuko Hara (Director of Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University)

Talk & Discussion: Hirohito Takasu (Hitotsubashi University Research and Education Center for Fair Labour) & Emiko Aono (Film Producer)

8 May 2013

The 3rd Forum


Talk & Discussion: Kazuya Tachikawa

14 May 2014

The 4th Forum

“Nihon no Aozora (The Blue Sky of Japan)”


Jin Igarashi (Former Director of Ohara Institute for Social Research, Honorary Research Fellow)

5 November 2014

The 5th Forum

“60 man-kai no torai (60,000 tries)”

Talk & Discussion:

Sayu Park &Tonsa Park (Director)

20 May 2015

The 6th Forum

“Metro Lady Blues”、

“Metro Lady Blues Sequel”

Talk & Discussion:

Akira Matsubara & Yumi Sasaki (Director)

2 December 2015

The 7th Forum

“Boku no mita Fukushima (Fukushima as I saw it)”0


Shuji Akagi

30 November 2016

The 8th Forum

“Aragai: Kiroku sakka, Hayashi Eidai (Resistance: Reportage writer Hayashi Eidai)”


Changu Shin (Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University)

Talk & Discussion:

Shinji Nishijima (Director), Changu Shin

13 December 2017

The 9th Forum

“Konbini no himitsu: Benri de kaiteki na kuarshi no urade (The secret of convenience stores)”]

Discussion & Q&A Session:

Tokachi Tsuchiya (Director) & Mitsuko Uenishi (Professor, Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies, Hosei University)

6 December 2018

The 10th Forum

“Odayaka na Kakumei (Benign revolution)”


Satoshi Watanabe (Director) & Makoto Nishikido (Professor, Faculty of Sustainability Studies, Hosei University)

28 November 2019

The 11th Forum

“Shiido: Seimei no kate (Seed: The untold story)”


Shun Kitahara (Organic Farm Kenohi) & Mihoko Shimamoto (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University)

25-26 November 2020

The 12th Forum



Kosuke Okabe (Professor, Disability studies and Sociology of Welfare, Waseda University)


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