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Archives for Environmental Studies




The Archives for Environmental Studies (Japanese website) was established as part of the Research Center for Sustainability and funded by a large grant from the Ministry of Education, Research and Education Advancement Facilitation Support Project. At the time of its establishment, the main operation of the Archives was collection and sorting of resources related to environmental issues. Since December 2011, a reading room was set up and the sorted materials were made available to students and researchers. Meanwhile, after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 2011, the Archives provided resources for the Nuclear Power Timeline and rescuing official documents of the Rikuzentakata City Legislature (Iwate Prefecture) In March 2013, with ending of the Ministry of Education grant, the Research Center for Sustainability was closed and the Archives for Environmental Studies was integrated into the Ohara Institute for Social Research, a research institute attached to Hosei University. Due to its limited space, it was decided that the Archives can no longer take in new resources. It currently focuses on sorting and making public the 850 boxes formerly collected by the Research Center for Sustainability.



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[Archives-related Special Issues of Journal of Ohara Institute for Social Research]

Iss. 673 (November 2014) ‘Symposium: The current situation and historical issues on the management of the record for civil society activities: Focusing on the Japanese and Korean cases’.

Iss. 694 (August 2016) ‘Sorting and uses of the Archives for Environmental Studies Collection’.

Iss. 709 (November 2017) ‘Archives for Resources on Pollution’.

Iss. 730 (August 2019) ‘Sorting and use of drug-induced Sumon-related resources’.



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